hint: put that foundation away

mini assignment #6

Okay let’s get real with ourselves… who wore high coverage foundation to hide those acne blemishes or just wanted flawless looking skin? cause I did but oh boy do I regret doing that back in the day.

I’m sure we’ve all been through that phase where we just want to hide everything under a nice layer of foundation but just listen to these few words…STOP RIGHT NOW…you are only clogging your pore more and likely causing more blemishes due to the foundation basically suffocating your natural skin.

What you should be doing for flawless skin:

  • take vitamins – your skin will thank you because clear skin often starts from within
  • skin care – revamp your skincare routine (trust me focusing on skincare instead spending time hiding under foundation will seriously change things up)
  • opt for concealer – use just a bit of concealer to hide any super red spots
  • drink more water – many people are not drinking enough water and that is seriously effecting your skin

Anyway, that was my little hint for the week and here is my little gif to remind you to throw that foundation away!


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