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mini assignment #2 – january 26th 2021

Deadpool’s Top 5 Hacks For Flawless Skin

Always in search for new ways to achieve flawless skin? Look no further than Deadpool’s tried and true skin care hacks!

  1. chemical scrub – Surprisingly, bleach and baking soda can be good not only for getting rid of stains on clothes but in front of the mirror as well. Just rinse your face with water after and follow with usual skin care routine for a glowing look.
  2. sandpaper – Use any high grit sandpaper soaked in water and rub in circular motion on face or any other problem areas. This abrasive method will help remove dead skin cells and prevent premature aging.
  3. vodka cocktail – Looking for the next innovative way to rehydrate skin like never before? Pour 8oz of choice vodka and 2oz methanol (can be found in at your local Canadian Tire) into a spray bottle. Spritz all over face morning and night for a dewy look.
  4. skip the vitamins – Stop wasting money on all those vitamin supplement brands stealing your hard earned money to capitalize on your insecurities. Healthy eating is such a scam, go to your local fast food chain and indulge.
  5. decrease water intake – Quit drinking 8oz’s of water a day for a slimmer looking face. Water just causes puffiness. Stick to a low water intake routine and you will see results in less than a week.

Found some of these hacks are not quite working for you? Just follow Deadpool’s most used skin care hack – wear a full face mask everywhere you go! The full face mask designed by Deadpool himself protects the skin while keeping Covid-19 far away.

Let us know how these hacks worked for you by commenting down below!


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