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Peer review of Oneself, One Earth – A Blog by Kristen Rose

First Impressions:

Upon entering Kristen’s blog, I first noticed the minimalistic theme and easy to navigate page. I give 10 thumbs up for the home page as I appreciate a clean looking page to coincide with her healthy lifestyle blog theme. The simplistic black and white theme with a pop of green gives me a sense that this is a healthy lifestyle page without having to read what the blog is about on her ‘who am I?’ page. Although, I think it would help to include more colour on the home page as it can seem a bit too minimalistic. I would suggest trying to add a heading banner to the home page to give the audience more of a sense of what the site is about just by glancing at the blog. Also, try including a logo so that the blog identity will be remembered. Overall, great first impression with just a few theme settings to play around with.


Kristen’s posts are well written and interesting to read while still effectively incorporating course readings. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and personality in her posts. Kristen’s mini assignment #2, Ms. Planet Protector is educational and a great example of “discovery 2- social media is education” in the article Why We Post. She was able to catch my attention from the preview text for each post which I think is very important in a blog. However, I would add a ‘featured image’ for each post to once again add a pop of colour and catch my eye even more without having to read the title. I find that by doing so your posts will look distinguished from each other and your feed will look less like a Twitter page. A ‘featured image’ will also help the overall theme of the blog and give an idea of what each post is about. Those are just minor additions though that can be established once you finalize the main theme of your blog.

Overall Online Presence

Kristen does a great job at creating her online presence through linking her blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Also, she includes her own pictures of herself and vision board which gives me a sense of her “true self” (Suler, 2004). This takes away “dissociative anonymity and invisibility” (Suler, 2004) as I feel like I know her through her ‘who am I’ page and her posts as she includes her own images and a vision board made by her. For me, this is essential to a successful lifestyle blog as it should feel like a friend giving advice or just chatting with you. This element allows the lifestyle blog to feel more inviting and interesting instead of reading a post written by a stranger. The vision board is important as the images included are a showcase of her identity and what her true self likes. For the future, adding side bar widgets links such as, Pinterest, Instagram, or Spotify playlists will help to make her page more personalized and show more of her true self.

Great start to the lifestyle blog and looking forward to check back in to see Kristen’s progress!

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