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Peer review of – Oneself, One Earth

Upon clicking on Kirsten’s lifestyle blog, I was really impressed by how much she has transformed her website since I last reviewed her website. Her use of earth toned colours helps her marketability as it automatically suggests her blog is about “taking better care of yourself and the earth”. Through the use of her simplistic yet intriguing use of photos that showcase beautiful landscapes the world has to offer, Kirsten brand is very clearly understood from just browsing around the general theme of the lifestyle blog.

Tagline – Does it Represent Kirsten’s Brand?

I really liked the uniqueness of Kristen’s banner as the use of earth images to replace the O’s helps to reinforce what the blog is about and what the Kristen’s brand stands for. Moreover, I appreciate the caption included underneath her tagline as it further displays who Oneself, One Earth‘s values. While I do like how well done her banner is, I do not feel that all her content matches the brand values I get off of the header. In regards to the RADCAB evaluation techniques, I feel that some of Kristen’s blog posts do not fit the healthy lifestyle theme that I would imagine from just looking at the banner (image included above). For the future, I would try to keep in mind relevancy when creating posts to stay on with the healthy lifestyle image. For instance, try to focus on writing about healthy recipes instead of just recipes made throughout the week. This is just a minor critique as many will still understand the concept and the values Kristen’s blog presents.

Copyright – Nice Images but Are they Kirstens?

I enjoyed Kristen’s photo selection as they fit the lifestyle theme and are all cohesive as they stick to the colour scheme. Also, I like that the majority of the photos include outdoor landscape to reinforce what Kristen’s brand stands for. However, I would like to caution Kristen to use strictly free content/ images especially if she decides to try pursue a blogging career. This will prevent any “copyright act” issues as the “act defines ever original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work” (Henein, 2015). No one wants to deal with legal action as copyright infringements can be quite a sticky situation. For my images, I use unsplash for free images and try to stay away from Google Images or anything similar because it is difficult to decipher what is free and under copyright. Although, I am unsure if they are free or copyright images so if they are free then Kristen can just ignore this suggestion.

Linking Out – Potential Monetization Opportunities?

While we are cautioned to not over monetize our blogs, it would help to link out more often especially with a lifestyle blog as we often talk about favourite products. Linking out would not only help Kirsten’s viewers find any products mentioned with the click of one button, yet also generate monetary value. The outcome of linking out products would generate income similar to the way Bleymaier explains how Popova earns income from “book recommendations come from the data received from Amazon after readers click the ads in the articles and go on to make purchases”. This process would allow Kristen to “make commission off of, the other items they place in their shopping cart, including items that she didn’t link to”. Although, Kristen’s viewers would probably prefer not to click through a bunch of link outs as they can sometimes come off as too much advertisement making the blog look less authentic. For a personal blog, I think Kristen is doing just fine by not trying to monetize the blog.

Overall, Kristen is on the right track to achieving a following that appreciates healthy lifestyle posts. Her aesthetically pleasing and neutral-earth-tone theme that can be seen throughout her blog will easily attract her targeted audience.

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