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Process Post – Week 8 – Creating Unique Content

Being a digital native myself and growing up in the internet age. It can be quite difficult creating content that is original.


With the help of this weeks readings content about creating unique content and copyright, I reviewed my blog to see how original I am truly being. As defined by Peter Henein, “copyright subsists in every original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work”. After analyzing that article, I browsed around my website to see if I had any copyright infringements. Luckily I did not as I had used all free images from Unsplash. Thanks to my cousin who runs her own blog she warned me away from using Google Images or any Pinterest images as these often carry copyright issues. Although, I am slightly guilty of taking my background image off of Google so I should probably get to changing that soon.


While my images are copyright free, I am sometimes guilty of taking post ideas from other blogs that I have roamed around. However, I am careful to cite the website that I take information off of. For instance, when I am stating facts about some of the health benefits of my favourite skin care products I am always careful to link out to the resources I am using. Hopefully by doing this, it will keep me out of any trouble.

After this weeks reading content, it leaves me with the question of how many people are being original as it is so easy to steal ideas and pass them off as following a trend? Is anyone actually being original on the internet?

I’ll leave you with those questions to think about for yourself

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