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Process Post – Week 2 – My Experiences With Blog Setup

Oh what a week it has been. I never thought it was that difficult to start up a blog but after embarking on my own journey of starting up a website, I now realize how wrong I was.

To start off, my domain took quite some time to set up. Until I got into contact with reclaim host, my domain did not activate right away but that was a technical issue on reclaim hosts side so I will not get into that.

Next, lets talk about WordPress…

Before I go on, I will admit that I am a technically challenged person so I am sure WordPress is easy for most people. For myself, I did not find WordPress user-friendly what so ever. The biggest challenge I had to overcome was getting my WordPress theme set up. I had absolutely no clue where to start as I was starring at the home page. As many would do, I did a good ole Google search on how to set up WordPress blog, encountering many Youtube videos and WordPress help pages. These resources were somewhat helpful but I was still confused about many of the fine details. Thankfully, my amazing cousin who uses WordPress for her own blog site beside me (virtually) to help me troubleshoot all my issues. Although there are many Youtube videos about WordPress setup, there is just something different about having a live person help you navigate.

Overall, I would say it is very gratifying to see my hard work published on my website. One of my biggest lessons from this experience is give website designers and bloggers more credit when you browse their site!

Thanks again to my cousin for helping me out! Check out her blog!

Links to resources that helped me:


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