Process Post – Week 5 – Designing Myself

Wow I learned a lot from the guest speaker, Mauve Page this week on how to design my website and all things I’ve been doing wrong so far. After the lecture, I decided it was time for a much needed facelift for my blog (get it I used the word facelift because my blog is all about beauty… okay I’ll stop with the punny jokes).

Here are some of the things I learned from some course material this week:

Everything Looks The Same

Yes I am bit guilty of following the trends and choosing one of the most basic themes out there in the WordPress land of interface designs. But let me try to redeem myself and say that I am a very minimalistic person so it was only natural for me to gravitate to something that was simplistic.

Although, I did make an effort to change the stock theme colour from a peach to a baby pink that matches my brand. However, my website still looked a little too generic so I decided to add a background image to take away some white space and added banners to each of my categories to make my blog more unique. These images were great additions to help users know more about me and my brand while giving my website more uniqueness.

Use Design Principles

With Mauve’s lecture in mind, I changed up my menu to make it very clear for users to navigate my website on all platforms (ie. mobile and desktop). My theme originally came with a hamburger style menu but I changed it to a top menu that has drop down menus that have clear categorizations for all the content that lives on my page. Also, I made sure to include a clear search bar on my side bar to help user navigation. Lastly, I added a home button as I realized how important it is after having peers tell me they got lost while roaming around my blog.

Although, after listening to Mauve’s lecture I did realize that I was designing my website in a positive direction that would be usable for my audience. I was very happy to hear that I was on the right page by creating a balance of bold colours and just the right amount of white space for an eye catching space.

Overall, this week was a great teaching moment to help me increase the usability and look of my blog to make it more appealing for users. So far, it seems that I have been on the right track to creating an aesthetically pleasing while user friendly website.

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