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Process Post – Week 9 – Growing Popularity and Monetization

Okay lets get real…I do not have a fan base yet considering I just made this blog and it is for school it is challenging to think about how I can make money off of this hobby. But anyways, I’m going to talk about the ways to market my blog on a bigger scale.

Google Ads:

Living in the digital age probably means that you know what Google ads are or at least have run into them when searching for something. So I went on a little article hunt to find out how much it costs to run a Google ad. After finding the article, How Much Does Google Ads Costs, I realized it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. Basically the price depends on your business type, if your advertising for a trending search, and what rank you want to be in the search.

For now I am not going to go down this route as it seems a bit complex. Although, if I were to truly try and grow my blog for making profits I would definitely try this technique as Google ads are so commonly clicked on and it will make my website come up easier in the algorithms.


After explore Bleymaier’s article on advertising and how Maria Popvova made money off of linking out to Amazon products, I thought this was a genius idea. This process would allow me to “make commission off of, the other items they place in their shopping cart, including items that she didn’t link to”. Considering I my blog is all about beauty and talking about my favourite products, it would be quite easy for me to find the Amazon links to these products and have my users click onto their to make me some extra cash.

Although, I would have to be careful with this as sometimes having too many links to just products can come off as too much advertisement making my blog look less authentic. But hey people need money and if I want to turn my blog into a job it must be done.


I know that Youtube and blogging are not a traditional combo or means of advertising for a blog; however, I thought this would be great way to generate popularity for my blog. While “blogging is generally slower than Youtube”, I thought starting up a Youtube channel with the same type of content as my blog would be a great way to generate more traffic. By linking my blog and promoting it on my channel, I would be able to monetize both my blog and a Youtube channel to make the most income.

This may not seem like a traditional method of blog monetization but this combo is becoming increasingly popular. For instance, Chloe Ting a fitness Youtuber sent lots of traffic to her blog by talking about it through her channel and intertwining the content on both platforms. Maybe I’ll just have to give this a try since I always have wanted to start a Youtube channel.

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