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Process Post – Week 6 – Who Is My Audience

At the beginning of the course, I had no clue what I wanted my blog to be. What audience did I want to hit because I knew I had to create a website that would be able to reach a range of people without being so all over the place that users are lost on what I am about. Then, I landed on the idea that I wanted to create a lifestyle blog where I could just talk about my experiences similar to my own personal diary. But I was then left with the question again of what type of lifestyle sphere I wanted to create since there are so many different paths I could go down.

Public Sphere – target group

“The concept of the public sphere that permits us to keep in view the distinctions between state apparatuses, economic markets, and democratic associations, distinctions that are essential to democratic theory” (Fraser, pg. 57).

After taking this quote into consideration, I landed on the idea to go down the beauty path of a lifestyle blog. How could I go wrong with that right? I love all things beauty so I thought to stick to something that I had quite a bit of knowledge with.

But let me take you back in time a bit. Before I focused on only beauty related, I was originally trying to tackle fashion, hair, and makeup. Thankfully my professor talked me out of that because I would have been in for a chaotic blog. Looking back on it now, sticking to only beauty would help me gain an audience of makeup and skincare lovers which still targets a large range of people. If I had taken my original path, I feel that I would not attract loyal viewers because the makeup lovers would stop by on my website to see a majority of content that did not pertain to them.

Currently, I am on track for creating a blog that will hopefully attract a loyal audience of makeup and skincare loves looking to read about my tips and past mistakes. Who doesn’t love learning from someone else’s mistakes right?

Anyways, let me talk about the minority group I am trying to reach out to…

Counterpublics – going against the norm

“As conceptual models of the public sphere have moved toward multiplicity, “counter public” has emerged as a critical term to signify that some publics develop not simply as one among a constellation of discursive entities, but as explicitly articulated alternatives to wider publics that exclude the interests of potential participants” (Asen, 2006)

Before reading this quote, I had no clue what a counterpublic was but without realizing I had already created a focus for who my counterpublic audience would be.

Ever since I was younger, I always loved looking up beauty videos on Youtube or looking up beauty tips on Google. Thinking back on it now, the majority of influencers that I would look to were predominantly white. There was nothing wrong with that but being of full asian decent it was just not the same since what would work for them most of the time did not for me. So I wanted to create a space that asians who are often the minority race or any people of colour could look to for advice. With the help of my content, I aim to contribute to a counterpublic that teaches beauty tricks for asians or anyone really that cosmetic techniques are not a one size fits all thing. Growing up I was I had someone tell me earlier that it was okay my eyebrows looked bad because I was following a technique that simply did not fit my face shape.

In the future, I hope to create space that all people can look to for beauty tips and tricks while also incorporating different techniques in mind that can fit all the unique people out there. For now, it’s just my friends and family supporting my page.

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