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Process Post – Week 3 – My Online Self


My Online Self

I love the internet and all things social media, I mean who doesn’t? Throughout my blog, I want to present the most realistic and true version of myself. After reading, The Online Disinhibition Effect, it made me think… am I actually the truest version of myself on my social media accounts? does my blog content actually show who I am? am I changing my identity in cyberspace to fit in?

As of right now, I cannot give you a concrete answer to any of those question I asked myself.

For my blog, I want it to be a somewhat educational platform where my audience can look to for advice on their favourite beauty trends to see if it worth the hype. By creating the my experience and tips page, I aim to create a social space that allows for my online audience to learn from while in the digital world as mentioned in Why We Post.

To further my online presence and to show my most true self, I will be linking my favourite Spotify playlists and personal Instagram account to help my audience get to know me a bit better. Also, I am working on expanding my Pinterest account by creating more boards to showcase more of my favourite trends of the moment or more aesthetic boards to show off more of my personality.

Overall, I want my blog to be an inviting space where I can connect to my audience and allow them to feel at home as if they were asking a sister for advice.


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