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Process Post – Week 7 – Peer Review Feedback

Peer feedback is always a great thing when it comes to creating content that pertains to the demographic that I am trying to reach. The feedback from Regan M was especially helpful since she also runs a lifestyle blog. Being part of the same public sphere it is great for us lifestyle bloggers to work together to give critical feedback since we know what our audiences want.

Interface Changes:

  1. social media links – I made an effort to link my personal Instagram account which I was super scared about because I was worried about being judged for not having the best looking feed or content. But after seeing Regan’s blog, she gave me the courage to say who cares and just go for it because after all this is a lifestyle blog and my audience deserves to know a little more about me.
  2. other media accounts – I also took Regan’s advice and added one of my Pinterest vision boards to make it even easier to see what my brand is about. I think this was a great addition to my sidebar as it is an easy place for users to see who I really am with my Instagram account, favourite Spotify playlist, and now my vision board.
  3. add more beauty content – I definitely agreed with Regan about my lack of beauty content as I had mainly been focusing on expanding my Publishing 101 content. This lack of content was mainly to do with the fact that I was trying to still figure out what I wanted to put out there.
  4. show more of me – I am trying to add more to my about me page and maybe another widget on my side bar focusing on my favourite beauty products of the month to make my website more personable.

Content Transparency:

To further my website revamp for the millionth time, I looked to this weeks course readings to learn how to put out the best content possible for my readers. Living in the digital age where “media manipulation may contribute to decreased trust of mainstream media, increased misinformation, and further radicalization” (Marwick and Lewis, 2017, pg. 1), I find it is important to put out the most transparent and honest information in my posts to be as authentic as possible. This article about media manipulation helped me gain an understanding of how manipulating the internet can be so from now on in my posts I will try to add more disclaimers about some of the things I am saying. Hopefully by doing this, I can create a more trusting environment with my users.

In addition, I found this great acronym, RADCAB, that I will keep in mind while writing my posts. I think from now on I will focus on ‘detail’ more by including more external information to back up what I am saying to add authenticity as it always helps to have sources. Moreover, I will make an effort to include as little bias as possible even though it can be more challenging to do with lifestyle posts since I am often trying to persuade my users to do what I am doing. I will be sure to put the message out there that there are different ways but my technique I am talking about is just the one I prefer. After all, I hate it when I read blog posts and I feel like they are trying to sell me on certain things.

After using this week to transform and gain knowledge on how to shape up my website interface and create better content, I feel that my blog has just stepped up a notch in rankings.



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