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Process Post – Week 10 – How Is My Blog Doing

For this week, Kirsten Rose reviewed my blog again and I wanted to talk about her critiques for the marketing aspect of my website as I said before that is best to get feedback from my own peers since they are the age range I am trying to target.

Things I am doing alright with:

It was great to hear that at least someone appreciated my sass and sarcasm because if you know me in real life I am notorious for those kinds of crappy traits. I showed off more of my own personality through my side bar. Also, Kirsten mentioned that I was doing “an excellent Jon of linking out to other websites” which was good to hear because I was not sure if I have been linking out enough. Finally, she noticed that reading my posts felt like talking to a friend and I almost jumped for joy hearing that someone understands the style of writing I was going for. I just want to have a chat with another sister so I am glad that I was conveying the right feeling with my content.

Thanks Kirsten for boosting my ego just a bit.

But don’t worry she did mention what I need to work on:

Updating Spotify Playlist:

Kirsten mentioned that I should change the playlist as the burgundy/ red background does not fit into the theme of my website. Oh yes do I agree with her, I just have not gotten around to creating my own playlist that is acceptable to publish on my blog. Call me a perfectionist but I do not want to put a playlist out there that I would not listen to every song on. So while we wait for me to make my own playlist, I am still trying to convince my boyfriend to change his playlist cover to something that matches my page.

Again More Beauty Content:

So far I am pretty sure every peer review has mentioned that I need more beauty content on my website. Yes I am guilty of leaving my beauty content until the end as I have been trying to push out the best academic content. But they issue has been fixed as I went on a blogging binge one day and pushed out a lot of beauty content focusing on skincare tips, at home experiments, and favourite products. Hopefully Kristen looks back on my page now and is proud of the beauty content addition to my BEAUTY blog.


Recently, I decided to use some of my mini assignments for my blog content. Kirsten helped me see an issue that I had not even thought about. I did not categorize my mini assignments under my tips and trick section, or my experiences page so the only way to find them is clicking the whole blog section. This is an easy fix though as I will go back and fit the mini assignments into one of my blog categories.

Overall, great to hear that my website refrains from “too much structure, such as repeated appearances of navigational landmarks, which can result in the viewer to leave a post before he or she is done exploring it” (Bernstein, 1998).



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