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Process Post – Week 11 – Incorporating More Variety

There is no better way to stay increase popularity than taking your brand to multiple platforms. As seen with the Pokemon craze that is still going on, “the Nintendo company made a very smart move when they sold and conveyed Pokemon media through many formats” (Kevinbrittneylauren, 2013). This approach to transmedia integration through multiple formats is what keeps a brand popular, which inspired me to think about a few different social media platforms that I could branch my blog out on to help me grow my beauty website. To become a well-known influencer in the digital era, it is essential to have one’s name recognized on multiple social platforms as the internet is multidimensional sphere where not everyone sticks to just one application.

Here are some of the platforms that I want to branch out to and grow my digital presence on to essentially bring more users to my website.


The picture sharing application is a great start to building a “complex world which can sustain multiple interrelated character and their stories” similar to the way big comic book companies use trans media to sell their storylines. In simpler terms, by creating a name for myself on the platform I will be able to use the fame from this world to send my following over to my other world (my blog). There are so many users on Instagram and everyday people are growing in popularity by the minute. Thus, making it far easier to gain traffic from Instagram than hoping someone stumbles across my blog.

For instance, my first plan is to create an Instagram account under alright lets get pretty, then post weekly content pertaining to the same theme of posts I have on my blog. To help keep my two world collide even more, I will post the same content on my Instagram and website but make the information more concise on the social platform post as people want quick information on when scrolling through their feed.


This platform known for sparking inspiration for daily lifestyle tasks is the perfect place to create a “synchronous world…an incentive to spread brand or expand its franchises across many different media platforms”. Being a digital native myself, I always look to Pinterest for the newest beauty trends or really anything pertaining to lifestyle things. My goal to intertwine my Pinterest account and blog would be similar to the way I want to run my Instagram account.

Although, I believe Pinterest would be even better for my lifestyle blog focusing on beauty trends as I can directly link my blog to the Pinterest post and considering people are actually looking for blog posts to read on this platform I think it will be more enticing to click on the link. To make this plan more effective, I have to start focusing on taking my own pictures that will catch the attention of the users on Pinterest as only the really aesthetically pleasing posts usually draw in my blogs target audience.


Almost everyone in the world has heard about the infamous application TikTok. This platform has engaged all walks of life and is currently a must for all digital content creators to join. In addition to finding new trends to write about, “TikTok can also be a platform for journalists to connect with new audiences by uploading they own content” since people spend hours on the application in search of new videos.

By creating short videos with the help of following current TikTok trends and incorporating my beauty content, this is the perfect combo for generating more traffic to my website. For some of my mini assignments, I made videos on my makeup-rewind and a gif about using too much foundation. If I were to join TikTok, I would make more content similar to the posts I listed above as I feel that using the right hashtags will help put my content into a higher spot in the algorithms.

Overall, this week I learned a lot about how important it is to create a world on multiple platforms to increase my audience. By implementing this transmedia plan I have created, I should be set to grow my blog audience by ensuring my content can be viewed on various social media platforms.

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