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Process Post – Week 4 – An Update

Alright, lets get pretty… honest about how I feel about blogging (see what I did there I used my hook, okay I am trying to be funny but you know in the online world sometimes jokes get lost)

Okay so I am about 4 weeks into blogging and can I just say that this has been a journey.

After the stressful journey of actually getting my theme perfected and figuring out all the little details that WordPress has to offer, I can say that I am beginning to like it a bit more. It is a pretty fun experience creating posts that I hope people will like and take their time to read. By starting up a lifestyle blog, I have found it is a great space to journal “resembling an online diary” and write out all my thoughts about anything beauty related. Being a makeup and skincare lover, I thought this is the best way to document my past and current things I have learned from trying out different trends. My blog is a way to take part in the young digital native communities that have formed to “reshape processes of self-expression, identity build, and sociality”.

I can officially say that I now enjoy blogging and putting myself out their as way to contribute to the youth culture that has been brewing over the years in the digital world.

Although, I am still trying to figure out more that WordPress has to offer since there are so many themes, plug ins, and cool features that I probably have no clue about since I am part of the technology challenged genre of the internet. Yes I know I am young but seriously I get so lost when it comes to anything digital.

Off to go try and install more plug ins cause who knows what I am missing out on. Talking to you next week internet.

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