microblading vs. ombre brows: to do or not to do

Everyone wants to wake up looking glamorous without the effort. I gave mircoblading a try (aka ombre brows but I’ll explain the difference later) after hearing all the instagram influencers raving about this current beauty trend.


Above is my natural brows which I cannot say are horrible to begin with but I wanted a little more definition so that I could eliminate filling in my brows every morning. Who wouldn’t want to save that extra five minutes in your makeup routine.

After doing some research into the pros and cons of this semi-permanent tattooing process, I said why not lets do it. For me, the benefits enticed me as I wanted good looking brows 24/7 and the disadvantages of waiting for them to heal was something that I could live with.

So a few months ago, I stumbled across Brow Beauty Lab through google. The owner, Melissa Chang had amazing reviews and quite a bit of experience and certifications on her belt. I booked an appointment with a non-refundable deposit and never looked back.

Before heading to my appointment, I filled out the intake forms so that she could know more about me beforehand. Also, wherever you choose to get your brows done (if you do) make sure you read their Q&A’s so that you know how to prepare yourself for the procedure.

Also, I would highly recommend searching the difference between microblading and ombre brows as they are very similar but different at the same time. I’ll give you the run down though from what I learned. Basically, mircoblading consist of small strokes, mimicking brow hair for a natural look, best for those who do not have a lot of natural brow hairs. While ombre brows consists of small, semi-permanent dots of pigment, creating a penciled in look. For those of you (like me) who have been drawing in your eyebrows for year, I would highly recommend going for the lesser talked about method: ombre brows. Although, keep in mind that you have to have enough natural hair to begin with or else ombre is not an option for you. If I didn’t explain it well, don’t worry your technician will be able to help you decide.


So this is this the after photo with my newly semi-permanent tattooed in brows.

Okay, so I am probably guessing that you are wondering how painful was it. Honestly, not that bad until the end when your skin starts to become more raw and irritated. Think of it as a needle scraping across your skin for a couple of hours (basically the feeling of getting a tattoo but I wouldn’t know as this is the closest I’ve come to getting a tattoo). The process was probably a little more painful than usual for me because I have ultra-sensitive skin so my brow area was getting more red and puffy than normal.

Now, this where the experience of your technician comes in. A good tech will:

  • Spend an hour and a bit drawing in your brows with a pencil and correcting the shape so that they can give you the best results possible. Often times, people say they hated their microblading outcome because the shape was not correct. So speak up and let your tech know your honest thoughts about the shape and what to change. Trust me, you will be happier with your results and make your technicians job easier. Seriously, speak up!
  • Know how to work with your brows. Everyones skin is unique so is the way they tackle the procedure. For me, my technician was experienced enough with sensitive skin so she knew that she had to lmy brows de-puff. If she had kept on working on my super swollen brows, the shape would be skewed after the swelling went down. This is the moment I realized, don’t cheap out! A lower price may sound good to your bank account but your brows will thank you for spending the extra bit of money for a well trained tech.

Overall, I had a great experience with getting my brows microbladed/ ombred. Would highly recommend anyone who struggles with the look of their eyebrows to look into this procedure.

Do not forget: do your research to find an experienced technician or else your results may not be as good as mine.

Check back soon to hear about my thoughts after my first touch-up session!


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