my fake lash journey

I’ve tried it all and now I’m gonna share some of my favs that I’ve found over the years of trading in the lengthening mascaras for a tube of lash glue and various faux lashes.

Just to fill you all in, I have extremely short and straight lashes so I quickly learned that mascara was just not for me. I still remember when I discovered how easy strip lashes were to apply and how they elevated my look, after that my makeup game was changed forever.

I know that many will not agree with me when I tell them how easy they are to apply but trust me once you find the products that work, your opinion is gonna change.

Best Glue:

I only use dark glue because it dries dark to blend in with my eyeliner and does not leave a clear whitish cast on the band of the lashes. Although, if you are just beginning there is no harm using a clear glue as you will be able to see the colour change to know when to apply the tacky lashes. But seriously, once you figure out the timing of how long it takes to get the lashes to a proper tackiness you’ll be set.

Best Strip Lashes:

For me, I really like the super long and thick lash look which the 853’s provide; however, if I’m going for a more natural look I’ll opt for the demi wispies. Over the years, I have found that some of the more expensive lashes have a thicker lash band which I absolutely despise as they inner corners fall off faster and they’re just so heavy (the lash band is the part that holds the lash hairs and attaches to your eye, you will be able to see when lashes have a thick band). So trust me when I say go for the lashes that have super light weight lash bands as they will be more comfortable to wear and easier to apply.

Anyways, thats all for my experience with strip lashes and hopefully you learned a thing or two from my trial and error. Give strip lashes a try!


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