update: at home lash extensions 4 weeks later

If you haven’t already checked out my post where I talk about my first time trying lash extensions at home… do it so you can get an understanding of what exactly I’m going to talk about below.

As I already mentioned in my other post about doing lash extensions on myself, I was super scared to try because I definitely thought I was going to fail or mess up my eyes. But in true Taylor nature, I said whatever and went ahead to try it because what did I have to lose. I had to do it for the blog because I’m here try out the things many do not want to do or at least give you some tips to learn from my mistake.

Anyways, here are some things I’ve learned from having these fake lashes live on my eyelids for the last month.

  • Buy lash brushes – At the start I didn’t think I would need a bunch but they help to clean out the build up on the lashes and help refresh them (I thought I was above getting my lashes dirty but its inevitable).
  • Blow dry lashes (buy a mini fan if you got the extra cash) – To preserve the life of your lashes its best to dry them as soon as they get wet. Turn the blow drier on low and point it up towards your lashes to help them give an extra fluff while completely drying them.
  • replace missing lashes – Instead of walking around with half a set of lashes hanging on till your next lash visit, its super easy to add on lashes as you see old ones fall out. This was the best part for me as I hate seeing gaps in my lashes so this was amazing for my obsession of having perfect lashes.
  • lash remover – This is a must to take off the old set or any lashes that are about to fall off to stop myself from pulling the extension out along with my real lash (don’t judge me I’m sure many others do it to… its just to tempting)

Verdict = I would do this again and am continuing to explore lash options by trying different curls and lengths in the future.

p.s. do not forget I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL so I’m just talking from my own experiences


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