update: powder brows touch-up

At the start of 2021, I went to get microblading done since I was bored with my look and wanted to change things up (go check out my post about my first time). I was iffy about the whole process so it took me a bit to decide if it was worth the money… it is quite expensive for the procedure.

But let me tell you it was worth every penny (even if I am still replenishing the bank account). If you are reading my post because you are thinking about getting your brows done, let me be your voice of reason (or maybe enabling) to book an appointment right now. Just saying if you want them done for a when you go on vacation or just want an effortless makeup routine for the summer because who wants to slap a bunch of makeup on when it’s 25+ degrees outside.

As I had a great first experience at Brow Beauty Lab, of course I had to book a touch-up appointment with them. It is suggested to go back about 3 months later after your first time because like a true master piece it cannot be perfected in one go. This time my brow girl asked me which parts I wanted filled more or anything that I was not satisfied with especially because certain parts will not heal as great as others. There wasn’t too much I wanted fixed but when she told me that she could build the colour and make them darker I was all in for it. Okay so don’t get me wrong, powder brows are not only for people who like drawn in eyebrows because they can do them very natural. For me, I have been drawing in my brows since I was 15 and like the defined brow look on myself (especially to balance out my dramatic lashes) so I was excited to have them look even more like the brows that I’m used to. Sometimes it can look a bit much when I don’t have lashes on but ever since I started doing my own lash extensions at home, I look put together all the time which just makes me feel better during covid since I sit at home all day in my pjs. That was basically all for this visit and I won’t need to go back for at least a year to ensure the pigment says to my liking because remember this procedure is not permanent so overtime it will fade.

Looking at them as they have healed since then, I love them and cannot believe I waited this long to get them done. I know that I said that last time in my other post but after having them for about 4 months now I have started to see the long term benefits of them even more.

Keep on reading to let me enable you to get them done on yourself.

5 Benefits of Getting Powder Brows:

  1. long lasting – say goodbye to worrying about smudging off an eyebrow and trying to retouch them throughout the day
  2. low maintenance- no need to worry about your shape anymore when you go to the brow bar/ shaping them yourself (check out my facial razor tips for brows)
  3. natural looking or penciled in effect – my favourite part is that if you go to a good tech they will be able to give you a natural look or a penciled in look for my girls like me who were a lot of makeup or just like brows on the bold side.
  4. waterproof – when everyone else’s brows are disappearing in the water while going for a swim you will be the only one rocking your perfect brows still (no need for me to say more you should already be booking an appointment)
  5. quick healing – unlike other cosmetic procedures where your left with bruises or going MIA because you have to hide your face, this process allows you to leave the salon looking great and unnoticeable that you are going through the healing process.

Have I said enough yet? You should have no doubts after reading my update on powder brows! Look out for a future post if I impulsively decide to get lip blushing done


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