my first attempt: lash extensions at home

Okay so let me start of saying that I attempted to apply lash clusters with Ardell Lashtite Individual Adhesive. This is not the glue that professional lash techs use at the salon so it is safe for me to use on myself while my eyes are open. Please do not attempt to use the lash glues that professionals use on their clients because it can do serious damage to you eyes if you are doing it yourself.

Anyways, let’s get on with the post and let me tell you if I would attempt to do this again or if it was purely quarantine boredom setting in.

A couple of weeks ago during a random shopping spree, I stumbled upon Sally Beauty Supply which is one of my favourite places to adventure around (except very dangerous as somehow every time after walking out I end up with way less money in my bag). After seeing the sale sign over the Ardell products, I had to try out this trend of applying ‘lash extensions’ at home.

Unfortunately I do not want to include a picture of my natural lashes as that would severely scare your eyes, but I can tell you being an asian girl they are short and have absolutely no curl.

Below is a picture of the finished product so keep on reading to see how I achieved this look (it was actually so easy I don’t know why everyone is wasting their money going to get them done still…also no shade though to the lash techs I respect your training and know that you guys still do have the special touch)

So basically all I did was:

  1. wash my face throughly to get any old makeup and nasty face oils off of the area. make sure to really pay attention to cleaning the lash area or else nothing will stick.
  2. clean tweezers with alcohol (sanitize everything you do not want an eye infection) and grab a small piece of foil to put lash glue on.
  3. start applying the lash clusters (the length is up to you but I used a mixture of the long/medium length for a wispy look) to the outer corners on eye and worked my way in towards the inner corners
  4. apply the clusters underneath natural lashes (make sure to apply to NATURAL LASHES)
  5. and that’s all (below is the finished product)


  • use a magnifying mirror
  • make sure glue is tacky before applying to lashes (if glue is not tacky it will not stick to natural lashes and make the process more difficult)
  • discard lash cluster if it does not stick after a couple of tries
  • do not wash face for 24 hours to make sure the glue dries properly and long lasting results
  • check out Sally Beauty if you have a local one near you as they have all the supplies needed for a fairly cheap price

Overall, for my first time it was fairly easy. As with my new experiences, practice makes perfect so your lashes may not be the greatest but after applying to one eye you’ll start to just figure out the motion and the technique. Just keep in mind my tips and you should be good to go to try it on your own. Would highly recommend trying it out if your looking to save money or just bored and want to try out something new!


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