say goodbye to the brow bar & hello to facial razors

I’m back again with another beauty tip that seriously changed the game for me… facial razors

Since I was 12 years old, I have been going to get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed or threaded. To keep my brows looking clean and neat, I would have to go every month which is not cheap. Also, the countless people I went to were never able to shape my brows the way I wanted them (yes I know I sound extremely picky but hey it’s really easy to notice things when you look at your face everyday). It wasn’t till up to a couple years ago that I found about the facial razor after watching some Beauty Youtuber’s talk about it. I thought it would be difficult and I would hurt myself considering you are dragging a razor across your face. Oh let me tell you I was wrong and this is the only thing I use to get rid of any unwanted facial hair.

So here is how I use the facial razor:

  1. throughly wash face with favourite cleanser
  2. apply moisturizer to help razor drag easily across face
  3. use proper facial razor (do not use a razor you use to shave your body)
  4. drag on 45 degree angle where you want hair gone
  5. moisturize after your done
  6. ta-da you got a smooth face and eyebrows shaped to your liking

Thats all to it! Considering I have super sensitive and dry skin and this does not irritate my skin I think this will work for almost anyone.


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